WA 153WA 123

So there’s a very classic abando in WA I have always wanted to check out. It’s been abandoned since 1985? so I’ve been keen to get to my home state and in there before it was demolished or redeveloped. Many had told me I was too late and this icon had already met its demise. I had to go see for myself. So when my best mate told me she’d drive us there to check it out, I didn’t hesitate. Grabbed my one black tin and made our way there.

I’m so glad we made the effort to check it out. Quite decayed and aged but definately worth a look around. Spent about an hour having a look around… a few other people wandered through for a look while we were there also… Seems to be quite an attraction. Its seaside location is divine! I’ve never felt the sea breeze and viewed the ocean from an abando before, was quite surreal. If you’re ever in Metro WA, do yourself a favour and have a look… take your bathers or go for a skinny dip too!