So its finally open- til the 31st of August. Still plenty of time to check it out if u haven’t already…

Opening night was miserable for an outdoor show, typical Melbourne- flooding… but heaps of fun. Thanks so much to all who took on the weather and supported- and of course to all the amazing team at OTK!

Was a treat to be sponsored by City of Yarra and take on the back courtyard at OTK, one which I’ve spent many hours in…

I just couldn’t help but portrait OTK’s director Shini, as she’s just been amazing to me since the beginning. And she’s beautiful in and out! A bit of Haring influence about the place also as per brief and a large tagged wall in the smoking area which wrapped around the building, really filling the whole outdoor area. Still a few wet weeks til this is over, go see it if you can… photos just don’t do it justice….



I’m not talking it up much- to be honest I’m done with talking about my work. I loved working on this piece and thoroughly enjoyed it. Enough said?

I’m kinda done with blogging and self promotion and I’m close to stopping… Things are getting so much busier, so many projects and jobs on the go at once and I barely find the time for it. I’m happy about this. It makes me feel great about things and the future is looking shiny bright! I’d much rather be doing more artworks than talking about them- especially on a damned computer…  maybe if I want I’ll just upload pics? We’ll see… whatever my unpredictable moods tell me to do at the time.

I will continue to write about some of my antics, if I feel the need to (or need a day in bed- with the computer) This blog started as a way of documenting and sharing my antics with family and friends back home and has become something more than I ever wanted or envisioned? We’ll see, lets just say today I’m over it.