Live Painting for Kopparberg Cider @Melbourne Spring Fashion Week


Well, well, what a wanky thing to paint at? Here’s what I created on my side of the large fiberglass apple for Kopparberg Cider @MSFW, City Square, Melbourne. Its was on display until the end of Fashion week. I had the pleasure of working with Sydney Artist Ash Donnelly on this project, a great down to earth girl who I’m now proud to call my friend.

Ash is in love with Pyramids and triangles and created an amazing 3dimensional screen printed origami style piece on her side so I worked with that, as well as referencing my great grandfather who used to be an Illuminator/designer/Calligrapher for King George V (His handiwork can be seen in the Royal book and the books of remembrance at the Shrine of Remembrance, I was so inspired after viewing them for myself) and with a hat tip to Mucha whose works I have been self studying lately.

 I was really dicked around. The event was a dismal. I was meant to be painting from 3-8, but the event didn’t start til 5 and I was there painting til 10.30pm. The wrong dates were advertised and barely anyone showed up. Big thanks to my amazing friends and supporters who came down. You were pretty much the only ones there all night… Promised exposure (you know the promise all artists get? Haha), I dedicated this piece to my mother whom I’d just been informed had suffered a heart attack. Also to my Dad for being amazing and strong for us all, both my parents inspire me endlessly, Love you both…I wanted to bail and be in hospital with her in WA, but I had committed to do the event and therefore did so, and put in my all. I went to see her the next day.

I also dedicated my piece to refugees, stating in the time lapse and video of the event ‘FREE THE REFUGEES’ and then wrote the word ‘Equality’ on my arm. This didn’t go down so well. I’ve learnt my lesson not to do this at corporate events, so I probably wont be doing anymore corporate events- unless they understand who I am as an individual and artist. Its been a massive pain in the ass for the last few weeks and has upset me alot. So ultimately I have been blocked from all of that supreme ‘exposure’ I was promised, was threatened my payment would be withheld, been defamed and told I was immature and unprofessional, which is the first time I’ve ever been called that. Usually I receive accolades for my work ethic and professionalism (probably cos most of the work I do is with disadvantaged youth)

So I’d  love to go into all the gory details, but I wont. Just be informed that I am an artist with a conscience and heart so if you want to book me for an event please be aware of this. I will paint with all my heart and ability.

Footnote: Shout out to Mark Seymour, frontman of Aussie band Hunters & Collectors, who wore an appropriate T-shirt while performing their aptly appropriate song, ‘Holy Grail’ for half time entertainment at the AFL Grand final this year. Did anyone else notice the camera squirming to get past the message on his chest? I since cant find anything on web search about it, except one idiot ranting about how it had nothing to do with football? Where’s the freedom of speech in this country? Anybody else feel like we’re slowly heading towards a Third Reich style censorship when it comes to refugees????  Just my opinion… that’s all I have…

PS. I have since been paid by the media agency involved. Kopparberg Cider never said or wrote a word to me.